How to Win with SEO in 2019: 4 Simple Best Practices

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How to Win with SEO in 2019: 4 Simple Best Practices

Daniel Brown
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If you want to pull in organic traffic from search and reap the benefits, SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital to implement on your web pages.

However, as technology and search advance, some techniques need to die, while others should be prioritised.

There are lots of guides out there about SEO best-practices with varying information. Trying to decide which strategies deserve your attention right now can be dizzying.

To help clear that up, we’ve compiled 4 important best-practices to focus on, first.

4 SEO Techniques to Win with Google in 2019

Cover these top strategies, and you’ll be enjoying increased traffic, better leads, and even more conversions in no time.

SEO Best Practice #4: Optimise Your Website for Mobile
Most internet users are searching the web on mobile devices. Accordingly, Google announced in March 2018 that they would be moving to mobile-first indexing. This means the search engine prioritises the mobile versions of websites when crawling the internet.

In other words, if your website isn’t optimised for mobile browsers, your SEO may be in trouble. A few steps to take to get mobile-friendly include:

  • Improve your page load speed.
    • Condense large images into smaller file sizes.
    • Reduce page redirects.
    • Remove unnecessary source code that won’t impact the operation of your site.
  • Remove pop-ups.
  • Use a responsive design (one that changes according to the size of the user’s screen).

SEO Best Practice #3: Create Comprehensive, Compelling Content

All the SEO in the world won’t help your search rankings if your content is lacklustre, thin, or shallow.

Don’t get bogged down in technical SEO or on-page SEO. Remember, your content needs to be stellar, first. Amazing content is the foundation for everything else.

Tips to improve your content:

  • Be the best answer to the question your user is asking.
  • Organize your content with headers, subheaders, and lists. Make it easy to read with lots of
    paragraph breaks and white space.
  • Discuss your chosen topic in-depth and provide lots of examples.
  • Enlist an editor to avoid spelling/grammar mistakes and to hone your writing to a sharp point.

SEO Best Practice #2: Use Smart Keywords Where They Matter

After an amazing content, you need keywords to help your web pages shoot straight to the top of Google.
Not just any keywords will do. And, you don’t need an abundance of them, either.

Instead, you need smart keywords that are strategically placed in your content.

  • Excellent keyword placement helps Google understand what your page is about faster.
    • In headers (H1s – H4s)
    • In the first paragraph
    • Used naturally in the body text
  • Smart, strategic keywords are the ones your prime audience is already searching for.

Speaking of your ideal audience, our #1 tip ties in perfectly.

What’s the #1 Tip for Smart SEO?

The most important tip for great SEO in 2019 is deceptively simple.

Above all, you must know and understand your ideal target audience. Your audience holds the key to everything. Building your knowledge about them before you go any further will help you as you implement the other tips.

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement an SEO strategy for major growth, talk to us! Reserve your spot for a free 30-Minute Strategy Session Call today.

Daniel Brown

Daniel prides himself on practising what he preaches and understands that he can only achieve his goals by helping his clients achieve theirs. With this mentality and dedication to results and success, he has amassed countless testimonials that reinforce the statements above.

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