Online Reputation Management

Put your company’s best face forward online with empowering online reputation management.
Your reputation
Could be your greatest asset

77% of users will make up their mind about your business after 5 reviews or less. Your customers are looking for you on the internet and they have the power to find out everything about you before they ever speak to you. If your rating is significantly lower than a competitor’s, your marketing won’t matter—your past customers have already marketed you. Our marketing team helps monitor and manage your online reputation, helping you generate a positive buzz to make sure you have a high rating that translates into strong profits.

The major platforms are
Showcasing reviews

As Facebook aggressively enters the review field and Google continues to influence potential customers, having a review monitoring specialist on your side is a huge advantage. We can be that advantage for you. We have access to unique software that can help you automate the review process within your business, enabling you to generate a showcase reviews on a consistent basis.

Reputation means

We Build Assets understands the power your past customers wield, and we utilise it to create concrete results. We work with you to generate a body of testimonials and deploy them across your online platforms. Our reputation specialists also help to monitor for possible bad reviews and work with you to address them, ensuring your reputation becomes a resource, not a hindrance. The result? A consistent, high rating across the web that results in more quality leads, high call volume, and increased profits for your company.