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Why Do New Websites Fail? (Good Website Design Isn’t Everything)

Daniel Brown
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Good website design is not the key to making your online business take off. Not by a long shot.

Here’s what’s funny, though: Our industry would have you believe the opposite.

Why? Because most in the marketing space are selling design-driven websites, NOT optimised, revenue-generating, inbound marketing platforms – which are what you actually need to win in online business.

In a perfect world, you would get a mix of both. However, that’s not always the case.

Good Website Design Does Affect SEO – But It’s Not the Whole Picture

Don’t get us wrong. Website design does influence SEO. The user experience (UX) is directly affected by the design – the navigation, links, page load time, site structure, and more.

If your website has any of the following problems, the user will more than likely abandon it rather than stay and read your content. (That’s bad for SEO.)

  • Hard-to-find navigation, or navigation that’s difficult to use
  • A confusing page structure
  • Links that are hard to differentiate from the text
  • Pages that load slowly

Of course, the opposite is also true. If your site is sleek, easy-to-use, and beautifully designed, but the content is lacking on more than one level, users will still abandon your page in search of better information. (That’s also bad for SEO.)

Why Inbound Marketing, Optimisation, and Good Website Design Need to Co-Exist

If you expect your website to gain traction in search rankings, you need inbound marketing, SEO, and good website design to co-exist peacefully.

In other words, right from the beginning, when the foundation of your site is being laid, you need to be thinking about all three factors.

If your website fails on one level, it will fail on all three by extension. That’s because they’re interconnected.

Think of it like this:

When a user clicks onto your site, their first impression will keep them on the page. What will they see first? The design – the colours, images, logos, and header text.

If the design satisfies, the user will continue to your content. If your content was optimised correctly with good use of keyword research, keyword usage, topic research, and high-quality writing, they’ll stay even longer.

Finally, if you have done your inbound marketing right, the user should find the answers they need in your content, which will lead them to complete an action. They’ll convert from a visitor to a lead, or from a lead to a sale, or from a sale to a loyal customer.

As you can see, without even one of these elements, your overall marketing strategy will fail in the end.

Build Your Marketing with the Right People for the Right Job

You wouldn’t hire an interior designer to build your house. By the same logic, it makes no sense to have your website built by designers who have little or no understanding of concepts like on-page SEO, technical SEO, content writing, or direct response copywriting.

Each piece of your website works together to create a winning marketing picture. If you’re still unclear on how it all combines, or need marketing advice for building a solid revenue-generating website, we’re ready and waiting to talk.

Book a free 30-Minute Strategy Session Call today and learn how you can grow your marketing.

Daniel Brown

Daniel prides himself on practising what he preaches and understands that he can only achieve his goals by helping his clients achieve theirs. With this mentality and dedication to results and success, he has amassed countless testimonials that reinforce the statements above.

If you are genuinely serious about growing your business and would like true insight on how to take your business to the next level, let Daniel and the We Build Assets team help you today.

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